New impulse to UHF RFID technology

ekgTSS COMPANY was established in 2011. Since then it has gained lots of valuable experience that helps the company grow and improve every day. The acquired skills have enabled us to differentiate our products from the competition and make our company stand out. We understand that it is nothing special to create a module that is able to work with a tag and that’s why we came up the idea of interconnecting our devices in a way they can create a Smart Network and interact with each other. This feature of our products combined with Internet of Things (IoT) vision gives our products and services a brand new dimension of UHF RFID technology.


TSS COMPANY has set three main goals:

1. Bring reasonably priced, yet unique UHF RFID products to the market and thus brighten the RFID market segment.

2. Provide a simple implementation of the exceptional UHF RFID technology into everyday life using the above-mentioned products.

3. Bring unique innovations on UHF RFID market.