We used to receive frequent requests from our customers to introduce a simple UHF RFID Bluetooth device that would be reliable, affordable and easy to control.


Keeping up with the trends in today’s “wireless age”, we decided to hear out our customers’ wishes and create a device that can work for more than 3 days straight without the need to charge it, a device that will be easily controlled and that will be reliable at a price tag of 379 EUR including software.


Ladies and gentlemen, please let us to present you our newest product, the HUR 120 BT – UHF RFID HANDHELD READER.



HUR 120 BT is a simple UHF RFID wireless reader. This handheld reader has an integrated circular polarized antenna suited for short range applications and, thanks to the Bluetooth communication interface, it is a perfect solution for any Bluetooth enabled host such as a smartphone, tablet or a PC.
The new HUR 120 BT Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader is designed to read and write to EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO18000-6C) UHF transponders more than 10 hours of continuous reading. All this is possible thanks to a unique UHF RFID mURM module. This reader is made in Slovak Republic (EU).
For more information please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.